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    Rhodonite: Meaning, Metaphysical & Healing Properties

    Rhodonite is a stone of love, self-love, balancing the masculine and feminine energy within us (yin and yang) and a stone that brings dormant talents to the surface to be shared with the world. Its energy works primarily on the level of the heart chakra.

    It's a manganese inosilicate stone that's usually primarily pink/salmon pink to sometimes red with black inclusions of manganese oxide.

    Affirmation for Rhodonite

    I love myself entirely, find balance within myself and work towards developing my inner gifts to share with the world.

    Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

    • Rhodonite helps heal from past trauma and blockages created by stressful events. It transmutes the energy into an energy of love and forgiveness.
    • It helps you to love yourself and to let go of the hurt you may be carrying subconsciously.
    • It helps to bring us to express our true purpose in this incarnation by surfacing hidden or repressed talents and abilities and encouraging the development of such talents. It then encourages us to be in service to the world by sharing such talents.
    • It is said to help bring about synchronicities that work to facilitate the blooming and/or sharing of our innate talents.
    • Rhodonite can be useful to help bring harmony in a relationship, especially one where there has been a lot of tension and dense energy.
    • It is said to help reduce codependency and helping you feeling like you are enough.
    • It is said to help with joint inflammation, wound healing and insect bites.
    • It is also said to support the liver in the detoxication process and to promote healing from autoimmune illness.

    How to Work With Rhodonite

    Here are some ideas on how to work with Rhodonite in your daily life:

    • Meditate with it on your heart chakra and sense your own feeling of self-love being nurtured and nourished.
    • Carry some Rhodonite when working on developing a skill/talent or when in the process of sharing such talent with the world.
    • Work with it by hovering it in a clockwise manner over swollen or inflamed joints.
    • Carry a piece with you when you feel like the energy of a situation or interaction would benefit from being more balanced.
    • Wear to promote self-love, especially after a breakup or when feeling alone and not feeling like you are "enough".
    • Stroke a polished stone or worry stone after having faced unsettling news or after a heavy interaction with someone.
    • Place a piece under your pillow at night to help you make sense of the meaning from some of your dreams.


    Rhodonite in found in many countries around the world:

    • Spain
    • Russia
    • India
    • Sweden
    • Germany
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • Australia
    • Madagascar
    • South Africa
    • USA
    • Canada
    World map showing where Rhodonite comes from
    • Pink
    • Black
    • Heart
    • Root
    Key Properties
    • Balance emotions
    • Balance yin-yang
    • Harmony
    • Forgiveness
    • Self-love
    • Love
    • Hidden talents
    • Learning
    • Self-worth
    • Knowing our purpose
    • Personal power
    Other Names
    • Manganese spar
    • Manganolite
    Combine with
    Common Forms
    • Tumbled stones
    • Raw pieces
    • Number 9
    Crystal System
    • Taurus
    • Aries
    Earth, Fire


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    Further Exploration

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    May your day be filled with light and your night be filled with insight...