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    Mookaite Jasper: Meaning, Metaphysical & Healing Properties

    Mookaite Jasper, also often just called Mookaite and also known as Australian Jasper, is a great stone for grounding, reconnecting with Mother Earth and connecting with our ancestors. It brings a sense of peace and knowing, but also a sense of adventure, youth and the seeking of new experiences.

    Mookaite is an opaque silicified Radiolarite that harbors an array of different colors from the off-white/beige to yellows and all the way to purples and brown/red.

    It takes its name from where it originates in Western Australia, in the area of the Mooka creek, which is an Aboriginal word for running waters.

    Affirmation for Mookaite Jasper

    I recognize my roots in Mother Earth and I am can make decisions easily from a place of inner knowing.

    Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

    • Mookaite Jasper has a grounding effect and helps us connect with the Earth and understand what it needs to heal. It helps us feel the Earth's electromagnetic field again.
    • It helps us stay young with a zest for life, adventure and discovery. It promotes a slowing of the aging process.
    • It's a stone that helps us connect with our ancestry line and perhaps see old patterns passed down that are not serving us and that should be dropped.
    • It's also a stone that helps us connect and communicate with animals.
    • Mookaite helps us with making important decisions and knowing what to do and how to listen to our gut feeling. It will help you decide on big changes in your life.
    • It's a great stone for traveling and staying grounded and protected while doing so.
    • It is said to help with hernias and help with wound healing.
    • It is also said to help boost our immune system.

    How to Work With Mookaite Jasper

    Here are some ideas on how to work with Mookaite in your daily life:

    • Meditate while sitting on the Earth with a piece of Mookaite and visualize yourself connecting with the Earth's energy. You can also stand or sit barefoot on the Earth to physically ground yourself and enhance the grounding effects of Mookaite.
    • Work with it and carry it when needing to make important and life-changing decisions.
    • Sleep with a piece of Mookaite next to you or under your pillow to benefit from its grounding effects.
    • Bring some with you on trips, vacations and adventures.
    • Carry a piece in your pocket, close to your root chakra.


    Mookaite originates from Western Australia in the area of Mooka Creek.

    World map showing where Mookaite comes from
    • Brown
    • Beige
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Root
    • Sacral
    • Solar Plexus
    Key Properties
    • Adventure
    • Grounding
    • Earth Energy
    • Gut feeling
    • Slow aging
    • Change
    • Travel
    • Ancestors
    • Decisiveness
    Other Names
    • Mookaite
    • Mook Jasper
    • Australian Jasper
    Common Forms
    • Tumbled stones
    • Raw pieces
    • Number 7
    SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) + Impurities
    Crystal System
    • Leo
    Vitreous or Dull


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    May your day be filled with light and your night be filled with insight...