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    What Are the 7 Chakras: Their Meanings, Names, Colors & Locations

    I wanted to create a post that summarizes the 7 core chakras of the body in a visual way so that it's very easy to grasp and remember. I hope this proves useful to you in your own energy work and balancing work for the chakras.

    What Are the 7 Chakras?

    While I'll keep this post short, I think that a general definition that give us a conceptual idea of what the chakras are is very a propos:

    • The chakras are energy centers in our bodies that are responsible for the distribution/coordination of life force energy (prana), and ultimately the manifestation of that energy in our bodies and the physical world.
    • There are really 114 chakras in our bodies, but 7 of them are known as the core chakras as they are the most impactful and are located in a straight line along the core of our bodies.
    • The word chakra which means wheel in Sanskrit, can be pictured as spirals/vortexes of energy and always in movement.
    • A chakra is often said to be opened or blocked. A chakra can also be too opened and out of balance with the other chakras. Ideally we want all 7 chakras opened, but in balance with one another.
    • Working with chakras often means opening chackras that are blocked, partially closing down chakras that are too opened and balancing out the chakras so that they are in harmony.

    7 Chakras: Visual Illustration

    In the following illustration you'll find the location, name, meaning and musical note of the 7 core chakras of the body. Additionally I've included some good crystal options to work with:

    7-chakrasRoot ChakraMuladharaBeing groundedSurvivalElement: EarthColor: RedNote: C or C#Crystals: Red Jasper,Smoky Quartz,Bloodstone, BlackObsedianSacral ChakraSvadhisthanaSexuality/PleasureEmotionsElement: WaterColor: OrangeNote: DCrystals: OrangeAventurine, Sunstone,Carnelian, OrangeCalciteSolar PlexusManipuraPersonal powerWillpowerElement: FireColor: YellowNote: ECrystals: Citrine, Tiger’seye, amber, pyrite,yellow jasperCrown ChakraSahasraraSelf-realizationDivine awarenessElement: NoneColor: PurpleNote: BCrystals: Amethyst,Howlite, Clear quartz,selenite3rd EyeAjnaClarityIntuitionElement: LightColor: IndigoNote: ACrystals: Lapis lazuli,Sodalite, AzuriteThroat ChakraVisuddhaCommunicationSelf-expressionElement: EtherColor: Blue/TurquoiseNote: GCrystals: Turquoise,Aquamarine, Apatite,AmazoniteHeart ChakraAnahataLove / ConnectionElement: AirColor: GreenNote: F or F#Crystals: Rose Quartz,Malachite, GreenAventurine, Emerald

    Wrapping Up

    I hope this visual depiction of the 7 chakras is useful and don't forget that you can use that as a reference when memory is failing you.

    I'll eventually also create a dedicated page for each of the 7 chakras, so stay tuned for that!

    May your day be filled with light and your night be filled with insight...