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    Ocean Jasper: Meaning, Metaphysical & Healing Properties

    🌊 Ocean Jasper, also often called Orbicular Jasper, is a type of chalcedony with orb inclusions that remind of the cyclical nature of everything on Earth and the universe. It has a gentle and nurturing energy that encourage service and empathy towards ourselves and others.

    It is found along the coast of Madagascar where the mines can only be accessed at low tides, hence the name Ocean Jasper. Specimens can vary in color widely, but the distinctive visual aspect are the presence of the orbs or spheres.

    It has been reported that the primary source of Ocean Jasper has been fully mined out, so it will likely become exceedingly rare on the market. It's a bit unclear from my research if newer high-quality deposits have been found.

    Interesting fact: Ocean Jasper can at times be found with Druzy Quartz inclusions inside small cavities.

    Affirmation for Ocean Jasper

    Like the waves of the ocean, my life flows easily, with patience and with gentle determination.

    Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

    • Ocean Jasper is calming, gentle and nurturing. It encourages healing in a very slow and gentle way.
    • It helps brings issues to the surface, but in a gentle way so that you can properly acknowledge and process it.
    • It encourages service for the highest good and empathy towards both yourself and others around you.
    • It is a good crystal to work with to release blocked energy in a soft manner.
    • It helps to be accepting of change and helps go with the flow of life.
    • It promotes cleansing at the cellular level.
    • It is said to help with circular breathing and help with inner-ear imbalances.
    • It is said to help remove toxins that could normally lead to body odor and also to help with circulation.
    • Ocean Jasper brings an energy that lifts the mood inside and around us and that encourages joy towards our daily lives.

    How to Work With Ocean Jasper

    Here are some ideas on how to work with Ocean Jasper in your daily life:

    • Meditate with a piece of Ocean Jasper on your heart or solar plexus chakra. A good theme for your meditation can be the gentle unblocking of stuck energies or emotions.
    • Carry a piece of Ocean Jasper with you when you go to the ocean or a lake.
    • Keep some Ocean Jasper near you when you sleep.
    • Carry a piece of Ocean Jasper with you when helping others out, to encourage service from the highest purpose.
    • Have some Ocean Jasper with you when doing a task that could normally be draining on your patience.


    Ocean Jasper is found on the coast of Madagascar.

    World map showing where Ocean Jasper comes from
    • Multiple/varies/mixture, often:
    • White
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Brown
    • Heart
    • Solar Plexus
    Key Properties
    • Patience
    • Service
    • Good mood
    • Slowly but surely
    • Circulation
    • Fluidity
    • Change
    • Gentle
    • Nurturing
    • Empathy
    • Calming
    • Joy
    Other names
    • Orbicular Jasper
    • Ocean Orbicular Jasper
    Combine with
    Polychrome Jasper (aka Desert Jasper)
    Common Forms
    • Tumbled stones
    • Palm stones
    • Polished pieces
    • Number 6
    Crystal System
    • Capricorn
    Vitreous or Dull
    • Water
    • Earth
    Photograph of Polychrome Jasper and Ocean Jasper
    Polychrome Jasper (left)
    with Ocean Jasper (right)


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    May your day be filled with light and your night be filled with insight...