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    Moss Agate: Meaning, Metaphysical & Healing Properties

    Moss Agate, nicknamed the Gardener's stone, is a beautiful crystal of connection with nature as well as physical and emotional health/balance. It takes its name from the green (sometimes brownish/yellow/red) moss-like inclusions of green hornblende or chlorite. Most agates are distinctive from their banding, but Moss Agate is different in that respect and more similar to tree agate and dendritic agate.

    Looking at a piece of moss agate closely is really mesmerizing and the inclusions really do look just like moss.

    It's a gentle stone that will work with you to heal and help reach a point of harmony within yourself.

    Personal note: Moss Agate is quickly turning into one of my favorite crystals in my own journey of healing from chronic imbalances and digestive issues.

    Affirmation for Moss Agate

    I feel relaxed, balanced, calm and in perfect harmony with my body, my emotions and nature.

    Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

    • Moss Agate is a great crystal to assist you in your meditations. It helps calm down the monkey mind and reach a state of balance and centeredness.
    • Moss Agate promotes the health and vitality of plants, vegetation and anything that grows in soil.
    • It gently balances emotions and allows to get a fresh start without all the mental encumbrances. A way to hit the reset button!
    • It's a crystal that promotes abundance, and not just for what grows in soil, but also an abundance of vitality within one's body.
    • It's said to help overcome gloomy and depressed emotions. It brings a sense of optimism.
    • Moss Agate is a great crystal to work with to promote a return to vitality for those who have been chronically ill. It promotes healing in a gentle way.
    • It's said to be an anti-inflammatory, to help with lymph circulation, to help with digestion and to help strengthen the immune system.
    • It's also said to help support a smooth birthing process.

    How to Work With Moss Agate

    Here are some ideas on how to work with Moss Agate in your daily life:

    • Being a crystal that balances the heart chakra, the obvious choice for meditation is to place it on your heart chakra. However, since it's a stone that promotes healing and a reduction of inflammation, meditating with a piece of Moss Agate over an area of your body that needs love and attention is a great idea.
    • Wear it a jewelry, especially as a pendant over your heart chakra.
    • Carry a piece of Moss Agate in your pocket, especially when you feel like you need to re-establish a sense of balance emotionally or physically.
    • Have some Moss Agate with you when going in nature, and especially when gardening. You can also place some around your garden or in the soil for your plants.
    • Draw figure 8s (infinity signs) around your body with a piece of Moss Agate to promote healing and a return to a state of physical balance.


    Moss Agate is found in many countries, and here's a list of some of the most common sources of Moss Agate:

    • India
    • Brazil
    • Morocco
    • Czech Republic
    • USA
    • Australia
    World map showing where Moss Agate comes from
    • White/Milky
    • Moss green
    • Heart
    • Root
    Key Properties
    • Nature
    • Gardening
    • Agriculture
    • Fresh start
    • Abundance
    • Balance
    • Optimism
    • Calm/Low stress
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Digestion
    • Nurturing
    Combine with
    • Green Aventurine
    • Rainforest Jasper
    Common Forms
    • Tumbled stones
    • Raw pieces
    • Number 1
    Crystal System
    • Virgo
    Moss agate closeup
    My Moss Agate from a different angle, just because!


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    Further Exploration

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    Thanks to the following books for their great information about the different properties of Moss Agate:

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    May your day be filled with light and your night be filled with insight...