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    Eat Better Food Consistently by Getting Organized in the Kitchen

    This is the first episode of hopefully many more to come. The premise is simple, sometimes what's needed to stick to our goals/routines is as simple as handling the logistics/setup around them. In this episode I cover how I think getting the right tools in the kitchen to prep food quickly and efficiently is key to ensure you stick to eating home-cooked food without having to break a sweat each time.

    Here are my favorite kitchen tools that get the job done fast:

    • Large wooden cutting board
    • Good enough chef's knife
    • Multi-cooker (I use the pressure cooker function most). Instant Pot is a popular brand. I'd get a large one and cook large batches. Easy to find recipes on YouTube, and you can adapt easily.
    • Forgot to mention in the video, but containers are also a must to store this prepared food. I really like the stainless steel ones from LunchBot, lightweight and won't break if you bring them on your outdoor adventures.

    Feel free to reach out here if you'd like me to include links to my favorite tools/items..

    There's a point in the video I forgot to mention, about how getting the proper kitchen setup like that will set you back probably by a few hundred dollars. For me, I see it as a very worthwhile investment, one that will probably start paying dividends in as little as a month or two. Not only are you investing in yourself, your happiness and your health, but eating mostly food you prepare yourself is going to save you money too in the long term, it's truly a win-win.

    โ€” Recorded in beautiful Sedona at the Dry Creek Trailhead.

    May your day be filled with light and your night be filled with insight...