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    ARK Crystals: What They Are & My Experience With One

    I was recently lucky enough to welcome an ARK® Crystal into my life. I became fascinated with ARK Crystals after watching this interview with Nassim Haramein and Lilou Macé. They are quartz crystals grown in a lab for absolute purity, then cut into a specific geometry and then charged with a Harmonic Flux Resonator. The result is a crystal that is said to be able to tap into the very essence of the quantum vacuum (the force/energy of the universe). Or, in my own words, life force emanates directly from the crystal.

    In this short post I thought I'd share my experience with an ARK Crystal so far. Note that I'm not currently affiliated with the company behind ARK Crystals. If I do become affiliated at some point in the future, I will be sure to be clear and transparent about it. So for right now, if I do have a bias, it will be mostly from my personal excitement with them.

    First though, let's highlight some of the properties or ARK Crystals, as explained more in-depth on the official website:

    • The crystal taps directly into the energy of the quantum vacuum (the energy in empty space that ultimately creates matter).
    • The effect is that life forms surrounding an ARK Crystal become in better resonance with the energy of the vacuum. Better resonance in our body means more vitality/vibrancy, more energy and more integrity in the body's systems.
    • ARK Crystals can also charge water and make the structure of the water molecules more coherent. Having better structured water in our cells is one of the most effective ways to maintain vitality and vigor.
    • Plants nourished with water charged with ARK Crystals grew faster, more resilient and harboring more fruiting bodies.
    • In my own understanding, ARK Crystals allow us to access more of the life force that surrounds us, that created us and that ultimately unites us all. Probably in a similar way to how a very experienced meditator can bring positive changes due to a higher state of resonance with the universe and its forces.

    This is just of course a very brief summary and I invite you to learn more on the official website if you're curious.

    My Experience with an ARK Crystal

    At the time of this writing I've only had my ARK Crystal for 16 days, so you can come back to this post at a late date and I will try to keep it updated with my latest experiences.

    It's really early for me to tell now the full impact that the crystal will have on my health, vitality and inner peace, but so far:

    • I can definitely feel its energy, especially when I'm in tune and in the moment. To feel its energy I hold it with one hand and bring it close to my other hand's palm. I can definitely feel a force between my palm and the fingers holding the crystal.
    • After a 1st day of wearing the crystal, I felt noticeably better and had one of my best days in a while, which was really big for me.
    • I also had a few episodes where I became really emotional, in a good way, from listening to beautiful music. So an easier time reaching moments of bliss. Part of it could be from me feeling better in general.
    • I then over-extended myself a bit with my activities and lost that newly found extra vitality. It's so easy to want/try to do more when we feel better!
    • Since then, I've been experiencing some detox-like symptoms, so to me this is also really encouraging.
    • With the onset of the detox symptoms, I backed off a bit and I've only been wearing my ARK Crystal for a maximum of a few hours per day.

    Overall, I can really feel like this is a very powerful device, that it didn't come into my life randomly and that it'll play a key part in my healing.

    My assessment of the amazing 1st day and then more detox-like since then it that on the 1st day I benefited mostly from the direct positive effects, but that then the amount of toxins being cleared accumulated a bit too rapidly for my elimination and filtering organs to keep up. I'm now going at a slower pace with it and really positive overall about the power and effects of the ARK Crystal so far!

    My ARK crystal in its pendant
    ARK Crystal in pendant
    May your day be filled with light and your night be filled with insight...